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Running time 124 minutes

NTSC format
USD $29.00

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Well, here it is, John Bedini's legendary “G-field generator” from the early 1980s in all its glory running on the bench and putting out more power than John is putting in.

And ejecting a stream of freezing cold air from its interior, where one would “normally” expect heat would be produced and dissipated.

In this DVD John Bedini, painstakingly traces the “G-field generator's” pedigree and history all the way back to the late Professor Raymond Kromrey, and John then presents the theory, the circuit diagram, what to do, and what not to do.  Watch, too, how John shows the motor running under load with the circuit only completed by a strand of wire the diameter of a human hair—an impossibility with conventional EM energy.

Is this fanciful talk?  Well, John's manufacturing and production team was rapidly infiltrated and destroyed,  and M.I.T. bought up the last remaining twelve operational units from John, never to see the light of day again, so you can draw your own conclusions.

Also included is the archival footage from the celebrated 1984 “Town Hall Meeting” with Bill Jenkins, in which John springs this technology on an unsuspecting world.

This DVD is truly historic.


This concept does in fact work. It took me over a year, 4 rotor designs, and 5 coil designs, but I now have a working model that provides the CFL lighting for my 2-bedroom apt. It's not earth-shattering power, I realize, but it does work. Also, I would never try to 'go public' with something like this; far too much drama. I'll just keep using my little machine to save about $150/month and call it a 'win' :)

—Comment on YouTube